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Our History

Atlantic Folk is a family business. Coming from corporate careers, my wife Bella and I were excited at the opportunity to strike out on our own. Our first business Men's Society found a niche within Men's Gifting which allowed us to grow quickly and build the foundation of the manufacturing business that we have today. In 2014 Jude, Bella's brother, joined us to lead our international growth. International sales now account for over 70% of revenue. As a management team we oversee Operations, Sales and Creative and work with some extremely loyal and dedicated colleagues. 

Atlantic Folk was formed in 2019 when, after working together for many years, we took control of US brands Izola and Odeme. This new group gives us a truly global network of some of the world's finest retailers. 

We continue to love working in our sector and love developing new products, brands and businesses. We hope you love them as much as we do. 




We've worked with small batch production from the outset. We've always used natural materials, products and ingredients where possible and we continue to focus on discovering the newest materials and processes to ensure that our business is a responsible one.

British Manufacturing

We have always run our own British manufacturing facilities. Skincare being the centre of that manufacturing hub that we have today. Our supply chain outside of our own 4 walls is focused on working with local businesses with some components, products and services coming from just a mile away. We're proud British Manufacturers.

Award Winning Design

Our passion is for creating timeless products. Our award winning designs stand up to all scrutiny, rather than just trying to chase the next trend. The quality of design speaks for itself, and makes it an easy purchase for customers.


For information about our brands, becoming a partner, questions, or anything else please just drop us a line.

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