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The future for Trade Shows

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

On three occasions Bella and I had conversations about whether I should travel to NY for a trade show and risk missing the birth of a child. And on three occasions I packed my bags and jetted off, returning just a few days before each arrived. Those were anxious trips. Passport permanently in my pocket, phone permanently charged. But that was the importance of presenting our new products to the market, the importance of catching up with clients and meeting new ones.

This summer life will be different for our industry. There'll be no jetting off, no set ups, no trade shows. Retail faces a lot of challenges, no more basic than problems such as how will people shop now, and how can you operate a safe, engaging, profitable retail model. But one of the less considered problems is how will Buyers engage with new product, new trends, new brands and how will those brands get their products onto shelves.

Digital platforms have been emerging over the last 12/18 months, with some very impressive results, which surely now will really take off with the pause in trade shows this summer. We'll be looking at every channel we can to reach new clients over the summer, but when the trade shows do open up again, at some point in the future, we'll be packing our bags once again. Nothing can replace that environment for good old fashioned commerce.

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