Each season we choose a small, upcoming brand to showcase. People who are creating something that stops us in our tracks. A design that piques our interest, a long-lost craft revived, or something that’s just really well made. 

This season, AF presents:

Norfolk Natural Living. A modern lifestyle brand with nature and craftsmanship at its core.  Launching with a range of luxury eco-conscious cleaning and garment care products.

Why we love it:

We love the utilitarian pared back design and that each product is made and bottled, by hand, on the iconic North Norfolk coast in England. As a brand it celebrates the joy in life’s little rituals and it does it in a fresh and innovative manner.

Delving into the story of Norfolk Natural Living, we learned that the premise was all about seeking joy in the everyday. Taking a treasured garment and enjoying the fact that the process of cleansing it isn’t something that can be rushed or fast-tracked. Actively appreciating the slowness and ritual nature of cleaning a room or tidying something away. We welcome this notion and tackling these household tasks is certainly made easier when the products you use are this beautiful.

The small team produce environmentally responsible and beautiful detergents, cleansers and homewares, using traditional methods. Using plant based ingredients and no harsh chemicals, there’s a big eco element to the brand too. They use recyclable PET packaging, run a refill scheme from their Holt shop and source their ingredients as locally as they can.

So if you’re a fashion nerd and are looking for a gentle clothing wash that won’t compromise the texture or fabric structure of your favourite threads, or you simply want to be more mindful of the chemicals you use in your home, give them a try. It’s not just sustainable laundry care. The range encompasses everything from household cleaning, shoe care, candles & diffusers and even natural cleansers for pets.